Welcome to EARNING MY TUITION™ Program

We are committed to having kids make smart choices around smoking (like not doing it) and graduating. 

As a parent you can help by first of all encouraging your kids to get involved. They will have the opportunity to earn $5000 (a tax free gift) when they graduate and have more incentive to graduate. We also provide a variety of other life skills programs that will get them up for their future. 


What is the Earning My Tuition Program?

The EARNING MY TUITION Program is a unique and exciting way to support and encourage teens to "not smoke" and to graduate.
The influence of advertising and peer-pressure are greater than ever on the teens of today. They need all the support they can get.

We provide them with powerful incentives to not smoke and stay in school.

Simply said teens that participate in the EARNING MY TUITION Program will:

1. Not Smoke

2. Find Supporters 

3. Graduate

4. Collect $$$$$ to use for their higher education

We Accept:

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  • Master
  • Paypal


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