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We provide them with powerful incentives to not smoke and stay in school.

Simply said teens that participate in the Earning My Tuition Program will:
1. Not Smoke
2. Graduate
3. Find Sponsors
4. Earn Money for College

Detailed info for Sponsors

Here is How it Works.
Click here for more information on Earning My Tuition

How you can Help
There are many ways that you can help us help teens to not smoke and graduate and ultimately give them the best chance at a great future. Click here to find out more...

Facts about Smoking
Need to arm yourself with more valuable information to support and talk to your kids about smoking and the related down-sides. Check out our Facts on Smoking.

Facts about Dropout Rates
There is surprising evidence linking smoking to school drop-outs. We believe that there is a direct link between the two. Find out more here...

For more information on anti-smoking and other websites that make a difference please take a look at our links.


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