What is the EARNING MY TUITION Program?

 Why should I sponsor a student?

Here is what you will accomplish through the EARNING MY TUITION Program

                Support a student to make healthy life choices

                Contribute to long term social and economic benefits resulting from healthy citizens

                Audit the life skills program to see what the students are learning

                Invite new students to join the program (optional)

                Celebrate them when they graduate smoke-free

                Receive a free newsletter


Why was the program created?

Empower success and stop smoking where it starts...in the minds of children. The strategy is to give youth a way to say "No" to smoking and "Yes" to school, and have that raise their status, because status is strongly related to self-esteem and peer influence.

Our initial goal is to enroll 100,000 students in the program. That is 5% of the eligible students in Canada.

Statistics show that given 100,000 children:

                20% will smoke…that means 20,000 new smokers

                1/2 of those will die from smoking related diseases

                Therefore, we can save 10,000 lives for 100,000 students who sign up.

Also, of 100,000 youth:

                32% will drop out…that means 32,000 more students graduating Grade 12

                They will have a chance at a better life and less chance of being arrested, addicted or losing the opportunities that are available to those who stay in school.

The main activities of the program at this time are to raise awareness of the program and to help youth get sponsors so they can meet their goal of collecting their reward grant of up to $5000 or more.

What About Investing or Putting Money in the Bank for a Student?

There are several reasons why the EARNING MY TUITION Program is more effective than putting the money in a savings account or cash investment:

1.             The program creates a network of supportive adults

2.             A life skills program exposes students to valuable information

3.             The structure of the program creates a major incentive for students to stick to their goals: "I'm not giving up on my $$$

4.             A high profile program creates an atmosphere of positive peer-influence, which overcomes one of the major reasons youth choose to smoke...status. The program gives them a healthy, constructive way to raise their status.

What about contributing to a Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) for a Student?

RESPs are supported by the government, but the tax benefits are limited, especially if the child does not end up attending post-secondary education. Read the fine print carefully and get some tax advice before you open an RESP. ( See RESP analysis by Douglas Hudson ).

The goals of an RESP and the REWARDS Program are different.

RESP funds can only be spent on post secondary education. Canada and the USA are experiencing a dropout crisis; 30-50% of students drop out of high school [USA study] [Canadian study]. If your child has an RESP, they will be more likely to be able to take advantage of it if they are also supported to graduate by the incentives and learning available in the EARNING MY TUITION Program.

How else can I help the cause?

Support the student you sponsored by listening to them and encouraging them to meet their goals.

We will send you a newsletter and other information about the program. Talk to students, parents/guardians and potential sponsors about the benefits of graduating smoke-free and of participating in the EARNING MY TUITION Program.

Volunteer help is always welcome.

I'm ready...how do I sponsor a student?

                Complete the secure online application


More info for sponsors - FAQ

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