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About the Earning My Tuition

Earning My Tuition was created to help kids make healthy lifestyle choices.

The Foundation administers the Earning My Tuition™ Program, which provides information and incentives for kids to stay in school and avoid smoking.

Our intent is to address the problems of smoking and dropping out of school by preventing them before they become problems for individual youth.

Smoking and dropping out of school create a huge burden on our society. The decision to smoke dramatically increases health care costs (50%) and lowers worker productivity. The decision to drop out of school decreases opportunities available to the individual which leads to increased welfare and criminal justice costs (70%). The results of these two decisions keep our society from prospering at the level that is possible.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, we like to have fun. As you can probably tell from some of the photos and things on this website. Fun is one of the most important things that we are up to. Because, if you can't have fun while making a difference what is the point? It also works really well when working with students and adults alike. If you would like to contribute to our fun contact us at contact@earningmytution.com.

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Our Mission is to create a future for our society free from the threat of smoking related diseases and the impact that has on our society and also to empower children to get an education that will serve them and everyone in life (and have fun doing it).

The results of what we are doing is going to impact the future for everyone by reducing disease and therefore health costs and taxes, educating child and therefore strengthening our economy.

The Earning My Tuition™ Program is a unique and exciting way to support and encourage teens to "not smoke" and to graduate.


The Earning My Tuition™ Foundation was incorporated December 18, 2001

The Foundation is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, with advice and direction from experts on our volunteer Advisory Board (for more information about joining the Board of Directors or the Advisory Board please send an e-mail to contact@earningmytution.com)

Foundation Staff:

Samy Bishay is the President and program founder. He has an extensive background in media, including newspaper, radio and television. While working as a radio talk-show host, Sam interviewed hundreds of youth on a variety of topics, including their smoking behaviours. Those interviews led to the eventual development of the Earning My Tuition™ Program concept.

Earning My Tuition™ also relies heavily on the services of a dedicated group of volunteers who have been instrumental in developing the program.


In addition to individual volunteers, the Earning My Tuition™ Foundation is establishing collaborative relationships with a variety of partners, including:

Stakeholders - primarily youth, parents and teachers.

Supporters - individuals, local businesses, corporations and charitable foundations - for more information on becoming a supporter, see "Ways you can help".
Organizations with related mandates, including other charities and nonprofit groups.


Individuals - To date, the Earning My Tuition™ Program has been funded by individuals who believe that it is a worthwhile cause and a step in the right direction for the future of our youth and society.

contact@earningmytution.com - Earning My Tuition™ seeks program funding, through individual and corporate sponsorships and donations

Grants - Our current priority is to obtain funding for program development and sponsorship subsidies. We invite government and nonprofit foundation grants.

Partners - The Foundation is actively working to develop partnerships with municipal, provincial and federal government departments, socially responsible
corporations and organizations with whom we share common goals.

A note about Tobacco company funding - As part of a court settlement tobacco companies are required to fund smoking prevention programs for youth. There is
controversy about how this is being handled and some people have concerns that the prevention programs are vehicle for tobacco companies to advertise to
youth. To avoid this controversy, we have not sought funding from tobacco companies.

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