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My Name is:DENISE
I Live In: ,
I Am: 16 Yrs Old
In Grade: 11
I Am: F

I signed up for the Earning My Tuition program because the reason i signed up for the R.E.W.A.R.D.S program is because our family like my parents don\'t speak to each other and are on their way to a divorce. my mom works two jobs,baker at safeway,and a cleaner for safeway.She is never home and when she is home she doesn\'t have time for me or my brother.Me and my brother do all the chores,like feed the rabbits,horses,dog and cat.I also fetch the mail three times a week after school.My dad is a smoker and i don\'t like it because my friends can\'t come over for sleep overs and so on. so i thought this program would be able to help me so i won\'t be counting on my mom for the collage money.

I am planning on using my funds for i am planing to pay for my training at NLC or Norther Lights Collage. The course that I know that i will have to take are: Applied Business Tech, and Business Management. Both course are a year and a half so i also might use some of the money to go as rent for the dormitory. the reason i would do this is because it takes about an hour to get to Fort St John.

What I am interested in being when I grow up I would like to become a secretary of a very big company, and i would like to travel the world and learn more about business. Because with the course i listed I can also become perhaps a Personal Assistant. I would like to be able to work in Switzerland, Great Britain, New Zealand and that\'s maybe it.

I think kids should graduate smoke-free because I think it is a good idea that kids should graduate from high school because the world today is not what it used to be when it was said that kids should only go to school till grade 6. You can\'t become Prime Minister or even work at Wendy\'s flipping burgers. \"You need to have to have an education...\" that is what my teachers have always said \"and if you drop out there might be a chance but you will never get a good paying job\"

My parents think that the Earning My Tuition Program is valuable for me because I think that its valuable because my husband is a smoker and a alcohol drinker and i think this would give my children a chance to.. 1. pay for their own education 2. a chance of begin non-smokers and 3. a chance of begin non-drinkers thank you for your time to read this.


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