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My Name is:Dalton
I Live In: ,
I Am: 17 Yrs Old
In Grade: 12
I Am: M

I signed up for the Earning My Tuition program because I thought that I might have been a really good choice because I have not smoked or dd drugs or even drank my whole life. I would consider myself very healthyand smoke free, as would the people around me. I do very well in school maintaning a A-B average, and even have a part time job on the side where the pressure of doing drugs etc is always put on me by my peers and co workers. but I am proud to say that it does not affect me and I am drug and smoke free to this day. In conclusion I think I would be a good choice for this REWARDS program.

I am planning on using my funds for Now I know everyone will probabaly say that they are going to donate it or save it for college ad thats the typical answer. But I actually going to save it. I really want to go to a college in another city and I think the 5000 would help my family and I out a great deal because they just make ends meat and my part time job isnt enough sometimes, if i had the chane i would start highschool over again, smoke and drug free of course , but just to get the bettergrades to get a scolarship but since that is not thecase anymore I feel really privalged to have this oppertunity to win 5000 dollars toput basically towards my dream of going to a good college or University. In conclusion , Even if i dont win this Reward I am can say without hesitation that i will continue to say smoke and drug free, because I am very against that and nothing good comes from it. than you.

What I am interested in being when I grow up For me, my career choice has always been changing, I wanted to be a lawyer but that all changed when I took law class in school. It really didnt intrest me and I found my self getting really annoyed and frusterated with some of the case studys we were introduced to in class, it just wasnt for me. This is my last year of highschool and I am embarassed to say that I dont know what I want to be, its really stressing me out but then talk to some of my friends that are in college and they say it usually changes or you find out when you come to college. I just keep thiking that time is running out and I need to pick one soon but its just really hard to plan the rest of your life out. I enjoy acting and making people laugh and my friends tell me I could be a really good actor and that Im funny, bt a career like that is a little far fetched, I guess I do have some time, and I probably will find out in college.

I think kids should graduate smoke-free because Kids should always graduate highschool and go off to college or university to get a good paying job. In the world we live in today with the economy the way it is getting a job i really hard I know this because when I got my first job it was right before the recession and people were trying to get jobs and it just wanst working no one wanted to hire anybody. It\'s just easier to go to school and stay in school and go off to College or University in order to make it in the real world when you are older. I grew up watching my dad wake up at 4 in the morning and off to his construction job, hes been promoted since then but he got lucky and I just dont think that would be the case anymore with the times we live in. They are constanly laying people off work that is why it is important to obtain a government job so that you will always wake up in the morning knowing that you can go into work and it wont close down or fire you, like a factory would. Even though as you get older the term \"Be cool stay in school\" has always been a little corney and funny thing to hear, but growing up getting more knowledge of the employment field, the statement that was once corney for me, its actually so true. Staying in school is cool because its really the only way you become successful.

My parents think that the Earning My Tuition Program is valuable for me because I have watched my son go through school dealing with the pressures of fitting in and doing drugs of all kinds, I think this program offers a way for kids to show that they can go through school with out doing drugs to fit in. The REWARDS program is a way for kids to benfit from not giving in to the constant peer pressure that happens in school. This is a great program that gives kids the chance to show that they really made a difference.


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