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My Name is:Erin
I Live In: AB,Canada
I Am: 17 Yrs Old
In Grade: 12
I Am: F

I signed up for the Earning My Tuition program because The Rewards Program appeals to me as it promotes a healthy lifestyle for youth. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle including a smoke and drug free lifestyle is desirable for me personally and one that fits with my personal philosophy. In addition, promoting a healthy and smoke free lifestyle is important for all people, including the youth of today. Being smoke free is challenging as many youth attempt to make it look and sound appealing to those who choose not to smoke. The decision to not smoke is one that I have remained committed to and it\'s a decision that I made a number of years ago. My friends respect my decision to not smoke. My immediate family promotes a smoke free lifestyle, However, I am in the minority with my extended family as they are smokers. My grandfather used smokeless tobacco for most of his life. He died a few years ago. My grandmother has smoked for most of her life and she has made numerous attempts to stop smoking and has not had success. She chooses to not visit us at our house because it is smoke free. She is not healthy and smoking has a strong hold on her. I see the negative effects that smoking has all around me. Personally, I prefer to be smoke free and I will honor that committment to myself and to my future family.

I am planning on using my funds for The reward money will enable me to pursue my educational goals in the future. Post secondary education is costly and it is important to have the resources necessary to pursue one\'s goals. I am graduating this year and will need to work for a year or two before I can continue with my education. I will need to save money in order to continue with my education. This money will help me to pursue my goals and will also enable me to concentrate on my studies without having to work part time while going to school as some people need to do. I would be grateful for any monies I receive and will use it wisely to achieve my educational goals.

What I am interested in being when I grow up I have a number of areas that I am interested in. One area is dental therapy. Dental hygiene is important to me as I have had to wear braces for three years. Another area that interests me is being a personal trainer. Physical health is important to everyone and it helps people to live a more richer and fufilling life. Marriage and family therapy is another area of interest. The family is the foundation of society and it\'s important to provide support to families in times of trials and struggles. Helping families benefits the family, community and society as a whole. There are so many rewarding careers available at this point in time. I am confident that I will select one that is suited to my talents and abilities.

I think kids should graduate smoke-free because Education is important. It provides a stepping stone to people. It helps people to improve their lives and to lead a more enriching life. It helps people to change their life as well. Education is valuable and it contributes to a person\'a skills and abilities. Education is important as it prepares individuals for a career and for a purposeful life. It can be the avenue to great things in life.

My parents think that the Earning My Tuition Program is valuable for me because The REWARDS program is proactive and positive and supports youth who choose a healthy lifestyle. It\'s great for all, especially the youth as they are bombarded by messages that make smoking look appealing. The youth have a lot of pressure from many sources in their day to day lives. Supporting the youth positively is remarkable and desirable.


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