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My Name is:David
I Live In: ON,Canada
I Am: 15 Yrs Old
In Grade: 10
I Am: M

I signed up for the Earning My Tuition program because I signed up for the program because my Dad told me that he heard about it on the radio and he thought that it would be a good way to make some money for when I go to university. I think the program is an excellent one to entice young people to NOT SMOKE. (Like me). I keep telling some of my friends who do smoke to QUIT & that I don\'t want it to give them lung cancer.

I am planning on using my funds for I will spend the money I receive towards my education.

What I am interested in being when I grow up When I grow up I want to be an engineer or a bank accountant.

I think kids should graduate smoke-free because I think that kids should graduate high school so they can go to college or university and have a successful career.

My parents think that the Earning My Tuition Program is valuable for me because It encourages our young people to \'not smoke\'. I think this healthier choice will not only benefit the overall health care system with less being spent on OHIP, doctors and specialists, but also increase overall physical activity & health (increasing our children’s performance in all aspects of their lives including sports related accomplishments). It is a definite step in obtaining a smoke free Ontario. I commend the Ontario Government for a job well done within the past 5 to 10 years in reducing cigarette usage and educating all Canadians of the potential health hazards to using tobacco. I am proud to call myself and family \'PROUD CANADIANS\'. Lastly, it encourages our children to seek post secondary education and helps pay for a little. Without a college or university education, it is nearly impossible to obtain anything better than a minimum wage paying job. Better jobs for better educated young people, translates to higher income jobs and less of a strain on the social assistance and welfare systems currently in place. Michael Hennessy (Hanover, Ontario, Canada)


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