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My Name is:Aiman
I Live In: AB,Canada
I Am: 17 Yrs Old
In Grade:
I Am: M

I signed up for the Earning My Tuition program because I have signed up for the R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Program because I have a desire to be granted a certain budget in order to facilitate my post-secondary education. I am willing to attend the University of Alberta and I am in need of financial support to help achieve my goals in life.

I am planning on using my funds for I will use all my money in paying off my University fees. My plan in entering University and pursuing a degree needs a large amount of financial support, and I am willing to use any money I can obtain in order to facilitate my education.

What I am interested in being when I grow up I am planning to enter the University of Alberta in order to enter into General Sciences, to use it as an undergrad to enter Waterloo School of Optometry and become an optometrist. I have a strong desire to be an optometrist since my interests are mostly focused on the human anatomy and specifically the eye.

I think kids should graduate smoke-free because I think kids must graduate high school, and I strongly encourage all students to remain firm upon their education. I find education, and especially a high school diploma an essential and beneficial element in entering a bright future full of success. I think graduating from high school is a key to a great future.

My parents think that the Earning My Tuition Program is valuable for me because As a parent, I find the R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Program a great and valuable program for my child, since it can give him a greater opportunity in achieving his dreams. Through helping my child financially, I strongly find this a very beneficial action that will help us and himself in becoming what he had always dreamed of becoming. We currently live in a financial state which is somewhat not very great. Due to many family circumstances, it is somewhat difficult for us as a family to support four children in pursuing their professional degrees in their post-secondary programs. Being a widow for almost 18 years, I have gone through a severe struggle throughout my life in raising my six children to become successful people, and essential elements in society. My husband passed away while my youngest son, Aiman, was around three months old. It was an extreme hardship I have gone through but I am very grateful and thankful that my situation had improved since then. Our financial state was horrible, but had improved after several years. Even though I am currently unemployed due to certain circumstances. Aiman is my youngest son, and he had a dream since he was in his fourth grade to become an optometrist. His dream and outlook upon the future had inspired me a lot, and had grown a sense of joy inside me when I imagine himself becoming an optometrist. Our financial situation makes it somewhat difficult in supporting his educational plans, and eventually sending him to the University of Waterloo to finish his degree there. This is why my child applied to the R.E.W.A.R.D.S. Program. Being a dedicated and hard-working student, a healthy, smart and strong teenager who had never smoked a single cigarette in his life, Aiman found this program a great opportunity that will hopefully contribute in pursuing his happiness.


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