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My Name is:Holly
I Live In: Ontario,CA
I Am: 17 Yrs Old
In Grade: 12
I Am: F

I signed up for the Earning My Tuition program because I signed up because any help I recieve in paying for my college tuition is greatly appreciated. My family cannot afford my tuition alone, and without help, I might not be able to attend college.

I am planning on using my funds for I will put the money towards my tuition, and only towards my tuition.

What I am interested in being when I grow up I want to be a veterinary assistant.

I think kids should graduate smoke-free because Without a high school diploma, you can get a decent job, but nowhere to move forward. A diploma opens up so many doors for you in your future.

My parents think that the Earning My Tuition Program is valuable for me because It is valuable for children becuase not all parents can afford their children's tuition. This program enables them to receive additional funding that will allow them to get the higher education they deserve in life.


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