Smoking Stats

Facts about Smoking
The Carnage Lounge
Enter at your own risk...
Photos and stories of the carnage cause by smoking.
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Smoking Statistics
Statistics on everything relevant to smoking, for example the death rate and a Cost of Smoking Calculator...
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What's in a Cigarette
All those super healthy ingredients that you really want in your body. Just kidding cigarettes contain some really nasty stuff. Check it out...

50 Most Asked Questions about Smoking and Health
Is there a safe cigarette?
Can one smoke a small number of cigarettes without risk?
Etc..., Etc....
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The Way the Aussie's do it.
Australia has some of the most provocative anti-smoking commercials on the planet.

Check out some of the anti-smoking campaign's from Australia and around the world.
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Find out about the connection between smoking and dropouts
The statistics are shocking.
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