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The EARNING MY TUITION Program does not expect your child to make a seven year commitment to stay in school and not smoke without help.
 EMT is committed to supporting participants through its Life-Skills Program.

This program: supports program participants by providing them with regular reminders of the rewards for positive choices they make by not smoking and staying in school;

Teaches program participants valuable life skills such as critical thinking and the ability to make healthy decisions for themselves.

Motivating your child to stay in school until graduation is the first step in guaranteeing their success. Although the $$$$ will be the initial motivator for many children, being actively involved in the program and taking a leading role in its success will sustain their enthusiasm and commitment.

The second step in guaranteeing their success is to develop their critical thinking skills and their ability to make healthy decisions for themselves through the LifeSkills Program. This will help them make their way over the many hurdles they face during the seven years they are participating in the EARNING MY TUITION Program and prepare them for success in the adult world.

Look at some facts:

    One in four British Columbians lacks the basic education considered necessary for a career in almost any field;

    One in seven dropouts in BC are dependent on social assistance within a year and a half of dropping out, compared to one in fifty of those who graduate;

    On average, dropouts earn 20% less than high school graduates, and end up costing the Province $2.2 Billion (2001figures) in social assistance;

    90% of criminal justice expenditures in BC ($1 billion in 2001) is spent on high school dropouts.


The LifeSkills Program will connect with participants through a variety of events and media, and will include age-appropriate content, an interactive website, and eventually television and radio programming. The LifeSkills Program will provide participants with information on a variety of relevant topics intended to enhance their opportunities for success in life.


The LifeSkills Program serves two important purposes to support program participants and provide them with regular reminders of the reward for not smoking and staying in school; to teach program participants valuable life skills.



Why Are Life Skills Important?


Life skills are part of how we live. As adults, our skills are so developed that we don t think much about how we use them, yet they affect the choices we make every day. They are what help us make positive choices about what we eat and how we take care of our bodies; they are what assist us in resolving conflict with our spouses or our co-workers; they are what happen when we evaluate our lives and make important decisions about our futures. Life skills can be practical — like balancing a checkbook, writing a resume or eating healthy. They can also be psychological — like setting goals, coping with stress, and taking steps toward personal growth. Life skills are also important in relationships; they include things like active listening, conflict resolution, self-evaluation, and communication.


Having strong life skills results in increased self esteem — and what could be more important for your child? Children with high self esteem make better choices — its as simple as that. They are more able to resist peer pressure, more likely to achieve the goals they set for themselves, and more likely to make positive, informed life choices.


The EARNING MY TUITION LifeSkills Program is designed to empower your child. It will provide information to its participants regularly through its publications on such topics as nutrition and exercise, healthy body image, employability skills, health issues, personal growth, dealing with bullies, handling homework, the impact of education on earnings, money management, and assessing and evaluating media messages. The intent of the publication is to educate and inform, not to advertise; therefore the focus will be on meaningful content provided by various corporate sponsors.


We encourage you to review the LifeSkills materials with your child. It will provide plenty of opportunities for discussion on issues that are important to your child and to you. We hope the LifeSkills Program will become a vehicle for you to build a foundation of communication while your child is young that will carry you through the natural process of adolescence and your child s pursuit of independence.


EARNING MY TUITION is proud to offer LifeSkills as part of its program because it believes that behaviour is shaped in many ways. Offering cash reward for not smoking and staying in school will motivate your child to achieve that goal. Giving them life skills along the way will prepare him or her for success in life.


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