When can I start in the Earning My Tuition Program? 

Students and supporters may enter the program at anytime of the year. Read over the website and then complete the secure online application. Links are in the bottom menu of most pages in this website.

What is the parent or guardian's role in the Earning My Tuition Program?

Parents are expected to go through the information pack with their child, and discuss the commitment they are making. Parents will also need to work with their children to find supporters. EMT recommends that parents sit down with their child for a monthly talk. Topics in the Life-Skills Program may provide a good starting point for these discussions.

What is the Life-Skills program?

The EARNING MY TUITION Life Skills Program will provide information on a variety of topics that contribute to success in life, such as communication skills, career planning, goal setting, and money management among other topics. This program will be developed in collaboration with the students in the program, so it will be of interest to THEM!.

How does the support part of the EARNING MY TUITION Program work? [more info for sponsors]

Students sign up then find supporters willing to purchase items either directly from our site or from one of the many affiliates we are associated with. All items are offered at best possible prices and buying though our site will not cost one penny more than buying directly from the affiliates site. Supporters encourage kids in their decision to stay in school and to not smoke. We ask supporters to commit for at least one year.

Students and sponsor may enter the program at any time. 

How does a student earn money towards tuition?

Stay in school, have supporters purchasing from our site and don't smoke. That's it. A percentage of all sales is paid out as a commission to the kids account directly.

This is your online business. We provide you all the tools now go get customers and you will earn money for college. Its that simple.

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