Smoking Campaigns

If you want your anti-smoking campaign added to this page please send us the details to:

Quit Now ( website )
The National Tobacco Campaign
One of the most vivid and graphic displays of anti-smoking on the planet. Ex-smoker (because they are dead) body parts on display, showing the effects of smoking on your body.
See their TV and Radio commercials (Warning: graphic material)


The Truth
( website )
An impactful campaign that goes after the tobacco companies. It covers lots of facts about what the tobacco companies have done in the past and the sneaky ways they target different groups to get them started on cigarettes.
See their TV commercials ( website )
Out of Ontario, Canada this site gives plenty of facts and is loads of fun. Funny, entertaining and great commercials.

Tobacco Facts ( website )
A British Columbia site that has get resources and is on the edgy side of the anti-smoking bench (which we are all for). Lots of photos, facts and resources available.
See their Tobacco Industry's Poster Child

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